Balancing Work Life and Home Life and the tools keep the balance

I am going to start my blog with one of my most favorite topics Productivity more specifically the balance between work life and home life.  The idea for this came from the “Balancing Work Life and Home Life” contest on the lifehack site. This summer has been the most active/busy/hectic summer I have ever experienced with my training for the KC marathon, huge deadlines at work, my son’s many activities, plus social obligations that my wife seems to constantly volunteering out time.   I have really started to refine my approach to handling all these obligations in a efficient manner that leaves me with enough engery to move on to the next obligation.

A couple of major themes in my approach.  Once of which I am sharing today. These are aided by some reading I have done in the GTD  process and my own experiences on what seems to work for myself.  And with each of these themes i used various tools to help me maintain the balance in my life.


Get things off of your mind.   

This is the most important, albeit simple piece of knowledge I have learned in the past couple of years.   I used to always have a dreadful list that was always running through my mind of all the things that I needed to accomplish, mainly work related.   They would interrupt my family time causing me stress at just at the time that I am trying to reduce my stress.   So the quicker I can get things into a list or email that I know I will work later, the better off I am.

jott has been a incredibly usefully tool for me. It is hard to count how many times I have been sitting at one of my son’s baseball games and thought of something (usually something quite small but important) that I needed to complete at work.   Before I got my stuff together I would hope the thought would come up again when I was sitting in front of my computer, now I hit speed dial 2 on my phone, and say “myself” and then the task I need to do, in the morning I have an email telling me exactly what to do.   I like the simplicity of not having to carry around a note book and remembering to check it, my email is the one thing that always get plenty of attention when I get to work.   This frees me up to focus on the Home Life tasks that are important to me.


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